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Stand with Fly Benzo – Stop the restraining order by Cahill Contractors

Debray ‘Fly Benzo’ Carpenter holds Nailah Bey, one of his strongest supporters. He is known throughout the bay area as a community leader, media artist, activist, and youth mentor. In violation of his 1st Amendment rights, he was falsely charged, tried, and convicted of 3 misdemeanors including illegally videotaping SFPD. He has been sentenced to 3 years probation, and a host of other conditions which include a ‘stay away’ order prohibiting him from organizing in Mendell Plaza, in the heart of the Bayview-Hunter’s Point community.



Chris Parker of Cahill Contractors has filed a for bogus restraining order against Fly Benzo, following a meeting with Fly and his dad, in which Fly raised some questions about Cahill’s employment practices of not hiring Bayview/Hunters Point residents.

The hearing on the temporary restraining order was scheduled for today, Wednesday, May 3rd.  However, according to Fly Benzo “He [the judge] put it off til the 30th, they’re trying to make it seem like me posting the project manager on YouTube as “George Zimmerman of Construction “Feels Threatened”… They’re trying to say the title was “inflammatory.”

For background information see the video: Follow the Money: The Police Problem with Fly Benzo

The hearing on the temporary restraining order will be at:

400 McAllister (short walk from SF Civic Center Bart)

Department 514

Wednesday, May 30, 9:00 a.m.


Call the Oscar Grant Committee at 510-239-3570 and visit us at


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