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boxing Hot Button Topic of the week – boxing – ESPN


boxing Hot Button Topic of the week – boxing – ESPN.

I’ve watched Andre ‘SOG’ Ward box since before the 2004 Olympics. And I wrote about and photographed all of Andre Ward’s Super Six Boxing Classic bouts. Mr. Ward quietly goes about the business of scientifically assessing his opponents and finding the best ways to achieve success. If you recall, Muhammad Ali did the same thing: he was adept at assessing what would work and what wouldn’t in the ring. Muhammad Ali made a point of saying ‘I Am The Greatest!’ He said it loud. He then proved it. It is comparable to look at Mr. Ward – who hasn’t lost a boxing match since he was 12 years old – and wonder: is it possible that – with humility, respect, strength, and courage; sans blood, guts, and gore – he may be showing us the same thing? ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson has a problem. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will…and its name is Andre ‘SOG’ Ward. The world will be watching on the 8th of September…and we will see, with all due respect, if – and how – ‘Bad’ Chad really is. 


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