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“Police Brutality” = SPAM « The Legal Satyricon

Here’s one for the cheap seats…OPD Chief Howard Jordan spamming the federal monitor attempting to get the OPD to comply w/departmental changes since the Rider scandal. It seems that any and every time the monitor sent an email w/ certain key words in it – such as police brutality, Occupy Oakland, etc., they went automatically to Jordan’s spam folder…And from there, the circular file or in this case, the delete button.  This of course, was something that Jordan specifically set up. It wasn’t a ‘glitch’ in the machine… He hopes to ‘apologize’ before the 13th of December , when a federal judge will decide (or not) on whether or not Oakland’s police department goes into federal receivership.

“Police Brutality” = SPAM « The Legal Satyricon.


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