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$4.2 Million Payout For Women Shot During Chris Dorner Manhunt | Your Black World

$4.2 Million Payout For Women Shot During Chris Dorner Manhunt | Your Black World.

This will be a huge payout for their attorneys, don’t you think??? A bit over $1.6,000,000.00 give or take, if the usual 40% rule applies.
But the fascinating thing is that the ashes from the cabin that the LAPD/FBI napalmed on February 12, 2013 aren’t even cold yet, and there is this huge multi-million payout!
Two women went out to deliver news papers 2 months and 13 days ago in February, 2013 give or take a day or two, got shot by the LAPD and in the process had their vehicle totaled. Now, they’re 4.2 million dollars richer, (2.1 each) and have a brand new, tax free $40,000.00 pick up truck… I am certain that they would rather not have gotten shot and nearly dead in the first place. But the bottom line is that if they’d been Black, they probably would have been shot, then arrested to boot, and then laughed out of court… However, Margie Carranza & her mother Emma Hernandez are now set for life if they can avoid the vultures.
Meanwhile, a gun purported to have been Christopher Dorner’s Astra 960 .38 Special Revolver was listed for sale on on 9 April, 2013 by Bargain Pawn, a Las Vegas pawn shop. [ The gun, normally worth $200-300.00 tops was sold for $4,025.00 and now the buyer, the pawn shop, and the LAPD are quibbling about who should get the money.
The world is indeed a very strange place.

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