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The Real Horror of Benghazi Was Ethnic Cleansing-Let’s Talk About That | Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner


The Real Horror of Benghazi Was Ethnic Cleansing-Let’s Talk About That | Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner.

Cynthia McKinney: 12,000 U.S. troops bound for Libya

Lies, deception and betrayal sparked the war against Libya

Libya, the ‘humanitarian’ war: There is no evidence!

The Libyan conflict was/is not some altruistic U.S. humanitarian response to conflict. Anti Ghaddafi sentiments expressed

in the first two videos should be severely tempered by the fact that NATO intervention in Libya was about oil and money – which

Ghaddafi deemed should be utilized for Libyans, not Euro-America. Euro-America thought otherwise, of course, and merely took

what it wanted.

Make sure that so-called ‘objectivity’ is tempered with the knowledge that everyone is objective. What isn’t always clearly recognized

is that everyone’s ‘objectives’ do not necessarily mesh. And some people’s objectives are definitely – and deliberately – fraught with lies.

And further, make sure that the ‘objective’ is to seek / gain knowledge of what was / is really going on – not the one track mind espousing

of some pseudo-patriotic U.S. emotionalism.

Ethnic cleansing is very real, and is happening in AFRIKA and in the U.S. and in Europe. The key question is always in discerning

who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. The 3 videos below, and the 3 newspaper articles from the SF BAYVIEW Newspaper,

(which has a long local, national, and international reputation for speaking truth to power,) tell a more thorough story with more detailed

information concerning the continuing conflict.


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