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Racist threats posted on Berkeley High library computer

Source: Racist threats posted on Berkeley High library computer

These students have been under attack for a year, and it isn’t until something as graphic as this occurs, that the BHS administration takes action – and only after the students finally rebel to call attention to the problems? What is more painful is that Berkeley High’s Afrikan student population was saddened, but was not truly surprised that this has occurred.

What does that say about the adult administration of a school when Afrikan students are not surprised at terrorist threats of extrajudicial killing are directed against them?

If you recall, Niya Kenney just told her classmates in South Carolina to film a dangerous white racist cop the minute he stepped into her math class, because she “knew the situation was going to go downhill.” The ‘administrators’ of that school, Spring Valley High, called in a steroid hyped, dangerous, 300 lb white male cop to ‘remove’ a 16 year old Afrikan female child from class for ‘disturbing school’ by refusing to put away her cell phone and/or to leave the room for not doing so. This child – who might of weighed 100 lbs. give or take – was ‘removed’ from the room in handcuffs after being wrenched out of her desk by the neck and thrown across the room.

And in Berkeley, CA, the BHS administration obviously hasn’t   de-escalated the level  of racist threats to its Afrikan student population since the students have been under attack for a year. Racists are now able to hack into the school computer system to spread terrorist threats of degradation, and extrajudicial killing aimed at Afrikan students.

The rope in the tree didn’t get enough attention, neither did racist epithets slipped into the school year book. It took hacking into the school library’s computer system and promising a public lynching to get admin’s attention?

How dangerously unacceptable is that?

Across the country Afrikan children are being attacked, assaulted, threatened, jailed, murdered. These are not isolated incidents perpetrated by lone nut cases. This is systemic racism and genocidal history repeating itself.

It cannot be allowed to continue.




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