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DEA Made Deal with Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel

Interesting read, and food for thought….Ask yourself: who is packaging your anger and mental anguish today?

If we are truly interested in removing crime & criminals from our communities we must address BOTH the PRIMARY & SECONDARY pedatory dynamics. If we don’t then we will never, I repeat never effectively impact the “criminal” phenomenon in our communities. We must be clear & address the fact that all violence in our communities is state manufactured, sanctioned, & perpetuated( PRIMARY PREDATORY DYNAMIC ). Most violence in our communities is rooted in economics, or images inspired by corporate controlled media, if you doubt this study the two most significant figures used to wage chemical warfare on black communities, Frank Lucas & Freeway Ricky Ross. Study Frank Lucas’s autobiography (not the movie) were he clarifies that his drugs were being supplied by C.I.A. funded “anti communist forces” & United States military generals who smuggled the drugs into the U.S. & informed him on where to pickup the drugs in military & airport hangers, & study Gary Webb’s book Dark Alliance were he clarifies that Rick Ross is supplied by C.I.A. operative Oscar Danilo Blandón, & if you need a more recent example study the D.E.A.’s relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel & it’s allowance of tons of cocaine to cross the borders into disenfranchised communities, which by the way accounted for 85-90 percent of the drug traffic in Chicago in the period that it became known as Chiraq.

Our “criminality” is state planned, packaged, produced &, promoted. So this is asking us to call the kingpin’s, goons, on the lowest level “criminal” element, then send them to prison plantations were they are used to turn a profit in various forms.” —– Tur Ha Ak


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