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(I just chose photos that I like for this post, since it didn’t

come with any of its own. The photos that I chose are of empowerment, since that is what the article is about. Hopefully, Mumia Abu-Jamal will

not mind that I did so – MHK)


One response

  1. Finally someone has had the courage to say it – VOTING DOESN’T WORK. VOTING ISN’T EMPOWERING US. VOTING HASN’T EVER EMPOWERED US!

    I’ve voted once in my life and I nearly threw up afterwards. I knew even then, at the age of 18, that it wasn’t the correct thing to do. But some people become heartily offended if that is said to them – and swear that to not vote is to disrespect the blood sweat and tears of Afrikan Ancestors who fought for the right to vote.

    My usual reply to them is that our Ancestors were fighting to empower Afrikan people and thought that voting rights would do so. They were not fighting and sacrificing to mindlessly continue the megalomania of imperial greed, that still sold us out to whomever was the highest bidder.

    We need to be taking that energy and constructing something that is FUBU – For Us By Us – something that we’re truly willing to fight and if necessary to die to protect, defend, preserve, grow – and pass on to our youth. If we did that on all fronts, we wouldn’t have so many confused kids – and adults – out here with nothing better to do (they think) than to be employed by the imperial dope dealers – and kill each other off.

    Afrikan Maroons tried to tell us. We should be listening….

    November 29, 2015 at 5:19 pm

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