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This is a serious problem. A “volunteer” named Ellen Lynch who claims affiliation with several animal rescue groups met with me via email and then in person in November of 2011, and promised to spay / neuter / re home 8-10 feral cats that lived (live) in my back yard. The short version is that over the next four years she encouraged the growth of the colony to nearly triple its size by waiting until kittens were born, trapping and removing the kittens and leaving the feral adults. I didn’t really notice what she was doing because I was involved in attempting to save the life of my desperately ill service dog, my best friend in all the world, whose metastatic cell disease was deliberately not diagnosed by a veterinarian who decided that because I am Afrikan, and disabled, that he wouldn’t be able to get the thousands he wanted to charge me so he just didn’t bother to tell me that my dog was gravely ill. “Oh dog’s just get a bit lumpy when they get older,” is typical of the remarks he made. By the time I found out the truth by changing vets, the cancer had metastacized, and within  4-5 months my best friend of 12 years was gone. Now instead of being able to properly process my grief, I’ve got a new problem, again involving “expert” mismanagement and lies?  What this Ellen Lynch woman has done is unconscionable, to me and to the cats.

I’ve been left with no food for them, no way to trap them. I have no car and no way to pay for traps or get them to proper spay/neuter facilities.

So now to cover her ineptitude, mismanagement and just plain unconscionable actions, (not to mention covering her butt) OAS proposes to euthanize them!

So I am asking all serious animal rescue groups to contact me so that an equitable and humane plan for spay / neuter and re-homing of these animals can seriously begin, particularly since the weather has become more inclement and even more particularly before any more kittens are born. My resources are next to non-existence for the continued support of this colony. Ms. Lynch knew / knows this but was willing to keep giving me food as long as I kept permitting the removal of the kittens but not the adults. The minute I began to be critical of this; i.e. when I finally could concentrate on it, she suddenly became “uncomfortable” with coming over here, and walked off into the sunset, so to speak – after having trapped  2 kittens in my yard since June, 2015.

She also claimed to have trapped two near adolescent cats, but stated they weren’t trapped in my yard. What was the point of that when she had supposedly made this colony a priority?

And because she is a “volunteer” and not under the supervision of the city, she is taking full advantage of the fact that no one can hold her accountable for her actions. Of the 21 cats in my yard, only 3 have clipped ears.

Please spread this information far and wide to all animal rescue groups. Because these animals do NOT deserve to be euthanized to cover up what is a case of seriously gross mismanagement.

For those who seriously want to help, I can be contacted at

Thank you.


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