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#BlackLivesMatter has gone global. And Brazil needs it — badly. (verbal newscast)

Latin America’s largest nation is also one of the world’s deadliest. And, just like in the US, violence in Brazil disproportionately affects young, non-white men. Now activists are fighting to draw attention to the problem of killings of young black Brazilian men, frequently by police. One of the leading local movements is Amnesty International’s “Jovem Negro Vivo,” meaning “Young Black Alive.”

Source: #BlackLivesMatter has gone global. And Brazil needs it — badly.

(It should be noted that Brazil is leading the 9000 troop UN MINUSTAH forces that have invaded and have been occupying and terrorizing the people of Haiti since the 2004 U.S.-France-Canada instigated coup d’etat that toppled the twice democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. They are not peacekeepers, they are death dealers, bringing everything from vicious militarized police terrorism to rape to cholera to the struggling people of Haiti. 97% of the population wants the Brazilian led MINUSTAH forces to leave Haiti. The U.S. doesn’t want them to leave, so their stay keeps getting ‘extended.’)


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