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(More fraud in Haiti) as Haitian President Agrees to Transitional Government

More fraud in Haiti….

Source: Haitian President Agrees to Transitional Government

Pardon my liberties with the title of this article, but please pay particular attention to the video contained within this article. This so called “transitional government” is a sell out deal, a sham, and a red herring being dragged across the real issues as a diversion. This so called transitional government being proposed will be just as corrupt as the government of Martelly.

First and foremost, it seeks to set up a new election structure in order to hold elections in Haiti, but without any kind of investigation of the previous fraudulent elections, that have been and are continuing to be massively rejected by at least 85% if not more of the country.

Thus, my apologies for having the face of this monster, Michel Joseph ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly on my page.

His is the face of Hillary Clinton’s hand picked dictator in Haiti. The people of Haiti are running him out of the country on a rail, so the Obama administration is flying him and his family to Miami via helicopter, so that the OAS/France/Canada/the U.S./ and the 9000 troop occupying army of the UN MINUSTAH (along with Martelly’s secret police and Guy Phillipe’s paramilitaries) can play at running Haiti; while pretending that they can ignore the country’s largest and most popular political party, FANMI LAVALAS, and the LAVALAS candidate for president, Dr. Maryse Narcisse.

Miami is getting awfully crowded with CIA asset types, dictators, and various other despots and their quislings.

Perhaps the Jeb Bushes will invite him over for a tea party so that he can meet the fam….


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