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Daily by the hundreds of thousands, FANMI LAVALAS, which is the grassroots people of Haiti, and their presidential candidate, Dr. Maryse Narcisse, have been in the streets of Haiti rebelling against and resisting the electoral coup d’etat being attempted by the U.S., OAS, UN, and Europe. This despite the terror tactics of foreign paramilitaries and outgoing dictator Michel Martelly’s secret police torturing, shooting, and even stomping to death FANMI LAVALAS supporters for voting the candidate of their choice.

But international popular support for Haiti’s liberation struggle is growing from coast to coast in the U.S.; and in the non corporate media. Pambazooka News: “We Will Not Obey,” Statement of the Haitian Popular Movement;  Global Women’s Strike; “Haiti on Martin Luther King Day,” Haitian community activists in cities and towns all over the world, and the San Francisco Labor Council Resolution to Stand with the Haitian People/Overturn the Stolen Elections

These are just a few of the many organizations. For up to date, reliable information in English, French and/or Kreyol see: Haiti Information Project; Haiti Action Committee Bay Area; Freedom is a Constant Struggle w/ Kiilu Nyasha; Dr. Maryse Narcisse; the Facebook/Twitter pages of Reparations for Haiti, Haiti Information Project; Haiti Action Committee Bay Area; Dr Maryse Narcisse to name but a few. More organizations are becoming aware daily. Haiti is not alone!


A press release was issued by FANMI LAVALAS last week, just prior to the departure of the U.S. installed dictator, Michel Joseph ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly.

The press release begins:

“The Fanmi Lavalas political organization congratulates the people of Haiti for their
resistance and determination in the struggle to demand their rights despite the terrible
situation of hunger, high cost of living, crime in their daily lives.
If today Martelly is compelled to leave office, it is because of the courage of the people,
it is thanks to popular mobilization. It was the massive [electoral] fraud that occurred on
August 9 and October 25 that is at the foundation of the crisis, the solution must be
institutional and constitutional and must take into consideration the demands of the
people. There is no solution without the people.
FANMI LAVALAS continues to demand:
i) a provisional government of consensus with the mission to keep the state apparatus
functioning, to begin addressing the social problems of the people and to organize
elections that are credible, honest and democratic in the country;

Double click here to read the full text. It is powerful! PRESS RELEASE



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