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Fundamentals of Afrikan History Course with Runoko Rashidi


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Source: (3) Runoko Rashidi

Family, beginning June 17 I will begin my Summer 2016 Facebook course. It is called Fundamentals of African History with Runoko Rashidi.
All are welcome. The classes, taught through text, photos and videos, begin at 9:00 pm United States Eastern Standard Time and last approximately 2.5 hours per class. The classes, of which there will be twelve, are interactive, meaning there is ample time for questions and answers and discussion. The course project, completely voluntary, is to compile a succinct timeline of the history of African rebellions and resistance movements, at home and abroad.
The complete cost of the course is only $50.00 per household. The total amount is used to help subsidize our ongoing efforts to rewrite and reconstruct the global history of African people. The course will be taught on a special Facebook page set up specifically for this purpose.
To pay your $50.00 tuition post via Paypal to You will be immediately notified upon receipt of payment and enrolled in the course.
No special equipment is required. You only need a Facebook account.
The contents of each class will remain posted throughout the duration of the course if you cannot participate live.
Here are the individual course sessions. I reserve the right of course to make revisions to the course.
Indigenous and Non-Indigenous: Who is the Original Man?
The Golden Age of the Olmec
The Moors in History
The Great Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt
The Black Presence in Southeast Asia
African Revolts and Resistance
A Journey through the African Collections in the Louvre
A Journey through the African Collections in the British Museum
A Journey through the African Collections in the Museums of Germany
A Journey through the African Collections in the Museums of Italy
Black Saints, Black Christs and Black Madonnas
Melanesia: Eastern Flank of the African World
Great African Historians: Ancient and Modern

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