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Haiti Action Committee Denounces the Attempted Assassination of Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide


_3-20-17_Aristide supporters#3Supporters of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide   Photo courtesy of HaitiInfoProj

See also: Video footage of Aristide supporters just prior to assassination attempt. Video courtesy of Wendy Joseph Lerisse

Yesterday, there was an assassination attempt against former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president. President Aristide had been summoned to appear as a witness in a court case. While returning from court, his motorcade was attacked by armed Haitian police. A number of people were injured in the attack. Mass protests against the police broke out immediately.

In the wake of the electoral coup which installed Jovenal Moise, a right-wing protege of former president Michel Martelly, as Haiti’s new president, there has been a marked increase in repression directed against grassroots activists.

This attack on President Aristide signals a new stage of terror in Haiti. It harkens back to the days of the Duvalier dictatorships. Human rights activists and all supporters of democracy in Haiti need to condemn this attempted assassination and demand that those who committed this act be brought to justice.

_3-20-17_fmr pres AristideFormer president Jean-Bertrand Aristide greets thousands of supporters in Port-au-Prince  3-20-17  Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Haiti Action Committee









2-16_fanmi-lavalas_021   educationbanner haiti_protests_18107915331Update upon the pro-democracy "Nou Pap Obeyi" movement in HaitiSUPPORT FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS IN HAITI

On June 7th, the office of Dr. Maryse Narcisse, the presidential candidate of Fanmi Lavalas, the party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide who publicly endorsed her, was sprayed with gunfire. This blatant violence against the movement that has long represented Haiti’s poor majority sparked outrage in Haiti but was met by silence in the mainstream media in the U.S.  The State Department, which routinely portrays itself as a defender of democracy around the world, including in Haiti, had nothing to say about the attack.

This is no surprise.  The U.S., which orchestrated the 2004 coup against the democratically elected government of President Aristide, has been determined to prevent another Lavalas administration from governing in Haiti.  Having put in power former president Michel Martelly, who was associated with the disgraced Duvalier regime, through fraudulent elections in 2011, the State Department has been intent on imposing his successor through the same means. In 2015, fraudulent elections placed a little known Martelly protégé in the lead position heading to a run-off. Despite independent investigations that revealed burning of ballots, theft of ballot boxes, “election observers” who voted over and over again, and widespread voter suppression, U.S. State Department Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten argued that Haitians should accept the 2015 results and move on to the next round.

But Haitians refused the dictates of the State Department with statements and banners declaring “We Will Not Obey”. Calling the results an “electoral coup”, tens of thousands of people took to the streets demanding free and fair elections, insisting that their voices be heard and respected. It was only due to these popular protests that the Martelly dictatorial regime was replaced by an interim government, a verification commission was set up to investigate the elections, the fraud was exposed, and the 2015 elections were annulled.

This is a remarkable victory for the grassroots movement in Haiti.  But, as Haiti proceeds towards a new round of elections, the State Department and the European Union are challenging the decision to annul the 2015 elections. Both have threatened Haiti with economic consequences if the electoral process does not proceed to their satisfaction. And they are allowing anti-Lavalas armed vigilantes like Guy Philippe, wanted as a drug trafficker by the DEA, to maraud through Haiti.

As the new round of electoral campaigning begins, we view with alarm the attack on Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Fanmi Lavalas.  We urge friends and supporters of Haiti to send a clear and strong message to both the State Department and your Congressional representatives.

* Condemn the armed attack on the offices of Dr. Maryse Narcisse and the continued attacks against the Lavalas movement.

* Denounce the continued interference and threats from the State Department and the European Union. They are attacks on Haitian sovereignty and self-determination.

* Support the right of the Haitian people to choose their own government through transparent, free and fair elections.



Nou pap obeyi! Defying the international voter fix and forging unity and solidarity with Haiti

In the wake of the failure and collapse of the U.S. imposed dictatorship of Michel Martelly in Haiti, and as conservatives from the U.S. to the U.K. are being investigated for fraudulent electoral practices, the grassroots people of Haiti continue to escalate their fight for liberation, solidarity and dignity. Rocking the streets with “Nou pap obeyi!” illegitimate officials imposed by foreign colonizers, Haitians have fought on all levels to return governance of Haiti to its people.

Source: Nou pap obeyi! Defying the international voter fix and forging unity and solidarity with Haiti

Oakland, Calif., event supports Haitian people’s struggle

Oakland, Calif. — An event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was held at the Eastside Arts Alliance in east Oakland on Feb. 28. The event also marked 12 years since the Feb. 29, 2004, U.S.

Source: Oakland, Calif., event supports Haitian people’s struggle

(More fraud in Haiti) as Haitian President Agrees to Transitional Government

More fraud in Haiti….

Source: Haitian President Agrees to Transitional Government

Pardon my liberties with the title of this article, but please pay particular attention to the video contained within this article. This so called “transitional government” is a sell out deal, a sham, and a red herring being dragged across the real issues as a diversion. This so called transitional government being proposed will be just as corrupt as the government of Martelly.

First and foremost, it seeks to set up a new election structure in order to hold elections in Haiti, but without any kind of investigation of the previous fraudulent elections, that have been and are continuing to be massively rejected by at least 85% if not more of the country.

Thus, my apologies for having the face of this monster, Michel Joseph ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly on my page.

His is the face of Hillary Clinton’s hand picked dictator in Haiti. The people of Haiti are running him out of the country on a rail, so the Obama administration is flying him and his family to Miami via helicopter, so that the OAS/France/Canada/the U.S./ and the 9000 troop occupying army of the UN MINUSTAH (along with Martelly’s secret police and Guy Phillipe’s paramilitaries) can play at running Haiti; while pretending that they can ignore the country’s largest and most popular political party, FANMI LAVALAS, and the LAVALAS candidate for president, Dr. Maryse Narcisse.

Miami is getting awfully crowded with CIA asset types, dictators, and various other despots and their quislings.

Perhaps the Jeb Bushes will invite him over for a tea party so that he can meet the fam….

UPDATE: Haitians protect Aristide from attack on Lavalas | San Francisco Bay View


UPDATE: Haitians protect Aristide from attack on Lavalas | San Francisco Bay View.

Outsiders EXPECT burning tires in Haiti … not accurate reporting | San Francisco Bay View

Outsiders EXPECT burning tires in Haiti … not accurate reporting | San Francisco Bay View.