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Photos of the Black Panther Party Stir Memories at the Norton

Photos of the Black Panther Party Stir Memories at the Norton.

The Questions About The Death Of Sandra Bland That Still Need To Be Asked

The Questions About The Death Of Sandra Bland That Still Need To Be Asked.

This article, in my estimation neither proves nor disproves suicide on the part of Sandra Bland.

It merely points out things that should have been done to safeguard her life. But in order to give

any credence to this, one would have to presume that US police departments actually exist to

protect, serve, and safeguard the lives of those in custody, particularly if they are AFRIKAN. And

of course, if this presumption is one upon which anyone in their right sane mind functions, then

they are not paying attention. Systemic racism exists. Imperialism exists. Ethnic cleansing exists.

Obviously, Sandra Bland’s jailors did nothing to safeguard her. When the capturing officer promised

to “light her up,” and subsequently brutalized her when capturing her, it was blatantly obvious that

neither her best interests nor her safety would be served. And the rash of alleged “suicides” of

captured AFRIKANS, particularly AFRIKAN Women in the wake of what could only be described as

the lynching of Sandra Bland, gives full credence to the obvious: that government sanctioned terrorism

and extrajudicial killings on the part of police departments across the U.S. are sweeping the country.

It is seriously time for those in judicial positions (specifically “lawyers for the people”) to quit tap dancing

around and sugar coating the obvious; and to further cease attempting to fit antiquated (and unfounded)

judicial procedures and notions of law and order into contexts which are neither lawful, nor orderly –

especially if you are AFRIKAN. Call this nonsense what it is: open warfare and genocide being perpetrated

against AFRIKAN people by an increasingly militarized U.S. police. AFRIKAN Lives not only do not matter

to the U.S. government, but the stage is being set so that our lives will not matter to U.S. global allies either.—Malaika H Kambon


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