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The spark that lit the most recent rebellion was an announcement by the Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant that gas, diesel and kerosene prices would be raised by 38-51%.  Haitians took to the streets en-masse across the country.  After just two days, the growing grassroots mobilization forced the government to rescind the gas price increases.  But the protests escalated into a two-day general strike, barricades blocking streets and highways in cities throughout the country.  PM Jack Guy Lafontant resigned but it was too little too late.  The Haitian people are demanding the removal of the US-backed and fraudulently-elected president, Jovenel Moïse.


  • The Jovenel Moïse government’s announcement of a double-digit increase in fuel prices, increasing the cost of gas by about $1.20/gallon, sparked the latest protests which began July 6th
  • Government corruption including the theft of $3.8 billion from PetroCaribe by officials – those named include two former prime ministers as well as heads of private firms in Haiti. HAITI ACTION COMMITTEE
  • Ongoing attacks on Haiti’s grassroots majority, including the burning of public markets, targeting market women; government land theft and demolition of homes; teachers not being paid; attacks on student protesters; and the violence of poverty – 59% of Haitians live on less than $2/day, 24.7% on less than $1.25.
  • Ongoing repression.  As of July 6th, independent media on the ground Radio Timoun reported five people killed and many wounded by gunfire by police and government-sponsored paramilitary; more protestors have been killed or injured since.
  • Fourteen years of corrupt government since the 2004 US-backed coup that removed Haiti’s first democratically-elected president, much loved Jean/Bertrand Aristide, and imposed a UN/US military occupation.  The massive election fraud that made Jovenel Moïse president in 2017.  Fanmi Lavalas, the party of Aristide and the poor majority, said on July 8th, 2018:”The cauldron of corruption and lies has been boiling non-stop 24 hours a day. The time has come to overturn it, for Haitians to begin to see the light of peace. Haiti is for all Haitians.


  • Independent media including Radio and Tele Timoun have been vital to spread the news of what is actually going on rather than spouting the US Embassy/Haitian government line.
  • Independent Haitian journalists have increasingly been targeted and some killed for reporting the truth and giving a voice to the people’s movement.



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July 9, 2018
A demonstration by the people in Port-au-Prince was attacked with tear gas and gunfire. The US/UN-imposed dictator Jovenel Moise has ordered the police to “wash” the streets. As a radio commentator stated, this recent order is clearly a call for brutal repression; the police only have weapons and they do not have a mission nor any equipment to “wash” the streets.
Various neighborhoods and communities were reporting shootings of protestors by the police and their affiliated armed groups. According to customers, the two phone companies in Haiti, particularly Digicel, which openly campaigned for the former imposed president Martelly and Jovenel Moise, have been blocking and interfering with phone communication in the country.
This has also greatly hampered news gathering and broadcasting.

More than ever, there is a pressing need to support independent media in Haiti that is reporting accurately from the ground on this powerful upsurge of popular protest.

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_Fanmi LavalasJuly 8, 2018

The Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization salutes the courage and determination of the Haitian people who decided to rise against the misery, hunger, exclusion and corruption that have been the hallmarks of this government. With the skyrocketing cost of living already intolerable, the government is adding fuel, gasoline, and kerosene to the fire to completely destroy any hope among the population. Enough is enough.

The cauldron of corruption is tipping, and we need to completely overturn it at this juncture so that finally the Haitian people can find some room to breathe. Stealing elections is one thing; having a mandate to protect the well-being of everyone is another. Stealing elections in order to continue stealing from the state coffers is one thing; providing security for all Haitians is another. Too much deception, too many lies. Enough.

The cauldron of corruption and lies has been boiling non-stop 24 hours a day. The time has come to overturn it for Haitians to begin to see the light of peace. Haiti is for all Haitians. Why are members of the police force being exploited and not getting paid while those who stole the “PetroCaribe” funds, the “petrothieves,” are becoming richer, more arrogant, more cynical, refusing to hear and see? Members of the police and government workers cannot continue to be used for others to profit.

Fanmi Lavalas is certain that when the cauldron of these assassins is overturned, peace will spread all over the country. This is why Fanmi Lavalas is asking the population not to reverse course, not to demobilize, not to listen to messages of deception until the country is liberated from these criminals.

All of us who thirst for peace need to come together as one to bring about the birth of liberation. Yes, Yes, after suffering comes deliverance.

Alone we are weak

Together we are strong

All together

We are Lavalas

Executive Committee of Fanmi Lavalas

Translated by Pierre Labossiere for Haiti Action Committee

_7-9-18_Press Statement!


Dechoukaj Restitisyon-Uproot the Corrupt System/Make govt thieves give us back our stolen money!

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Yesterday Friday 7/6/18 at about 5:30 p.m. Haiti time, Radio Timoun reported demonstrations and flaming barricades blocking city streets in many neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince. People are demanding the resignation of the US-UN occupation government of Jovenel Moise. Radio Timoun journalists had reported 5 deaths as of yesterday afternoon with many wounded by gunfire at the hands of the Haitian police and government-sponsored paramilitary.

The government announcement of an increase of about $1.20 a gallon in the price of gasoline added to the people’s outrage against the blatant corruption, repression, home demolitions, land and property thefts by the US/UN occupation-imposed government. These past few days were marked by an intensification of what appears to be a systematic campaign of land grabs resulting in home burnings and demolitions to drive out impoverished families in working-class neighborhoods. People on social media and Radio Tele Timoun saw and heard the heart-wrenching testimony and images of long-term residents of the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Pelerin 5 in front of their illegally demolished homes. According news reports and the stunned and suddenly homeless residents about 35 to 40 homes were demolished without warning under orders of their new neighbor, the imposed dictator Jovenel Moise; he did not want his working-class neighbors near the upscale house he recently moved into.

By the evening of Friday 7/6/18 and continuing into today Saturday 7/7/18 people in most of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area including Petion-Ville, Delmas, Carrefour, Tabarre… had joined the mobilization. Reports are that highways and streets are blocked by barricades and demonstrations occurring in other cities throughout Haiti.

A call is beginning to capture this grassroots resistance mobilization “Dechoukaj/Restitisyon” meaning uprooting the corrupt system and making the thieves in the government give back the money that they have been stealing from the Haitian people.

Haiti Action Committee


Photos show: flaming road blocks by demonstrators at Petionville and Pelerin as of 7-6-18; @moisejovenel letter of illegal land grabs by fiat; National gas station burning in Petionville; govt thugs armed w/ state of the art automatic weapons being used to kill demonstrators; govt violence: starvation/high food & gas prices/land grabs are forcing Haitians out of Haiti by unsafe boats ( photos of Haitians in boats by Journalist Dei Andre)

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